Stay Safe!

We take a lot of precautions, but here’s a few tips to push that safety needle to 100%

1. Share Your Dot

Pick a confidant or a whole squad, let them know you’re going on an Ojai date to _______, and temporarily share your location (iPhone / Android) .

2. Make it a Party

Having a clumsy 1 on 1? Don’t hesitate to pull the bartender or other patrons into your conversation. This also doubles as the fastest way to extend your adventure.

3. Know What's Expected

Absolutely f*cking nothing is expected from you. Trust your gut, and if you’re not feeling it politely excuse yourself.

4. If You Feel Threatened...

Flag a bartender or employee. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and ask a patron in there for assistance leaving.

5. In Case of Emergency...

Call 911 and get to a public space.

Have a fun, safe adventure!