Answers to your questions

What is Ojai?

Ojai is a chatbot that coordinates blind dates. We‘re fighting the burnout and numbness of app dating with a full-service date concierge that verifies identities, matches users, selects novel locations, and learns from date feedback - all via sms.

Why should I go on a blind date?

For the story of course. We’re not here to shill love. Ojai’s main purpose is to interject some serendipity into your routine. Who knows what will come of it.

Is Ojai an app?

No! Ojai is not an app. F*ck the apps. Ojai lives in your text messages.

Is Ojai safe?

Ojai is safer than the apps. We verify identities with government issued ID’s to make sure we know who’s behind every account, we punish cancellations, ban no-showers, and advise all users to follow our safety tips. Our goal is maximum thrill with minimum risk.

Do you sell user data?

Unlike our competition, we absolutely do not sell your data. Besides, the only info we store about you is your name, zip code, birth year, preferences, and feedback.

How does Ojai verify its users?

We’ve partnered with Vouched to make our user verification as simple and secure as possible. The process takes seconds. Simply take a photo of your government issued ID and a selfie and the Vouched algorithm does its magic, tells us if you’re legit, and then deletes the files. The Ojai never sees or stores any of your sensitive information.

How can I report someone?

All feedback of 2 or lower is flagged for our team to review to determine appropriate action. You can also email [email protected] with any specific questions or concerns.

How do I cancel a date?

Login to your account to manage your upcoming dates, availability, and profile. Watch out though, cancellations less than 24 hours before the date will result in a two-week ban from dating.

What if my date doesnt show up?

We have a no-tolerance policy for no-shows. If your date doesn’t show, let us know at [email protected]  and they’re removed from the platform.